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Welcome to The Happy Gardener

Our gardens are living spaces, just like children and people need, care, attention, and monitoring to see how they are doing. There is no place to "get to" with our gardens, it can be a happy and joyful journey. We can help you "fall in love" with your garden all over again. I have been in the garden for 45 years working with designers, installers, and the exploration of "what else do you need?" When I learned about creating different "textures" in the garden, the possibilities became endless. I saw where I could create a "living space" where something was always changing, peeking out to tell me it was coming or it was spreading underneath the ground to fill in a space I left for it.

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I am passionate about creating beautiful yard spaces that will invite you to be in your gardens. Inviting entryway planters to greet you, your family, and your friends to your home. My custom designs will ensure there is always something for you to look forward to and explore, no matter what the season.


Did you know that creating a landscape plan with plants suited for Colorado gardens can bring butterflies and hummingbirds naturally into your garden? A well-thought-out plan with evergreens, deciduous trees,  alternatively blooming, and wispy perennials, will create natural movement in the yard, where you will feel enlivened and refreshed whenever you visit your outdoor spaces.

I am responsive to your needs, questions, and concerns.  Contact me today!  Sincerely, John The Happy Gardener Founder

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